Interview with Storm Procurement

Interview with Stuart Addis – Operations Director at Storm Procurement


Working in a carbon-intensive industry, Storm Procurement are well aware of their impact on the environment, and have always worked to minimise that impact, and continue to adapt their practices and behaviours. Their goal is committing to becoming a Net Zero company by 2050.

‘Net Zero’ is defined as achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed.

Storm are working closely with PCML Consultants Ltd to help them achieve this target by 2050.

Operations Director, Stuart Addis, recently undertook an interview with PCML, discussing why Storm wants to change their habits and how this could be a possibility.

Why have you decided to undergo this change in becoming a Net Zero company?

Our company had been receiving an increasing number of enquiries from potential and existing clients as to what our Net Zero strategy and targets were. We also saw these questions as required responses in tender submissions. We had not done any work on this and were concerned we would start to lose business as a result.

What was the problem to be solved?

We want our teams to keep focussing on growing the business, and we have a complex portfolio, with employees and offices overseas as well as in the UK. We needed a trusted partner who could take on as much of the workload as possible and complete the task quickly to avoid us losing any business as a result of not having a Net Zero strategy.

We already worked closely with PCML Consultants Ltd to support our Quality Management System (ISO9001) and we have engaged them to help us achieve our Environmental (ISO14001) and Health & Safety (ISO45001) accreditations too. Fortunately, PCML Consultants were also able to support us on our Net Zero Journey.

What was the course of action taken?

PCML Consultants have worked diligently and quickly to get us to a position where we are ready to declare our baseline emissions, targets, and commitments publicly. They will also continue to support us moving forward by helping us reduce our emissions, producing our annual reports and making new recommendations as technology and legislation change.

What was the final outcome of the course of action?

As well as helping us understand and define our Scope 1, 2 and 3 baseline emissions, they were able to make recommendations specific to our business, and we have already identified several key areas where we can reduce our emissions.

We can now confidently answer any client enquiries or tender questions, and we have published our formal Net Zero plan on our website.

Storm Procurement is committed to improving the way we operate to ensure we are taking necessary actions to protect the environment.

We continue to work closely with PCML to manage our ISO accreditations as well as our Net Zero strategy.